All in One Loan vs Traditional HELOC

Hi There, recently I have had a handful of people reach out to me wanting to know the difference between the “All in One Loan” vs. a Tradition Home Equity Line of Credit. It is a HELOC at is’t core, like every other HELOC it separates the P from and pays any amount above and beyond the interest towards the principal. The equity can be redrawn for a specific period of time. But that is truly the only similarities between the two. What this video to learn more…

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2 thoughts on “All in One Loan vs Traditional HELOC”

  1. Does the rate ever adjust? And if so, how much can it adjust?
    Who specifically would this product be good for?
    When you talk about a product like this, don't have you to provide disclaimers — the devil is in the details and there weren't many details provided.

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