Barrister And Mann Ravish – Smart Helix Apollo Light

Pre: Hot Shower
Soap: Barrister And Mann Ravish
Razor: Smart Helix Apollo Light
Blade: Polsilver Super Iridium (1)
Brush: Parker Synthetic
Post: Cold Scottish Water Rinse
A/S: Barrister And Mann Ravish
EDT: Barrister And Mann Ravish

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24 thoughts on “Barrister And Mann Ravish – Smart Helix Apollo Light”

  1. Kevy I believe riding the top cap as you are describing is a shallower angle as it is based on the blade angle to the face. Steeper is riding the guard. Great video as always!

  2. Beautiful lather, Kevy! Lathering is the most time consuming part of my shave too. I enjoy every minute of it though! Congrats on eclipsing 9K subs! 10K will be along soon I'm sure.
    Cheers! -Rob

  3. Hi Kevy- Great shave and soap review; thank you! Beautiful razor and great lather on the B&M soap. Congratulations on 9K+; well deserved, my friend! Take good care and best regards, as always!

  4. Hi Kevy, I posted a review of Ravish a few days ago and the warning about the soap staining your brushes comes from Will of B&M directly. With regular cleaning of a brush I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, but Will likely needs to cover his basis in case he gets a mean email from a customer in the future! Cheers

  5. Thanks for your work Kevy , good fun as always and informative, nice you can reply to comments when you can , best wishes from North Wales ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ˆ๐Ÿช’

  6. I have many B&M soaps and I really enjoy the scents but Iโ€™ve started moving away from it because itโ€™s far more work to lather than other artisans with similar shave qualities. I wish Will would create a softer, easier to dial in base.

  7. Just got my soap bout 2 days ago. Due to international shipping restrictions on alcohol based products, I have never been able to try B&M aftershaves or EDT's. Haven't used the soap yet! Looking forward to it tomorrow. Starting from this one, again, they have changed the tub. My last 10 soaps or so they had a nice transparent bottom that I liked… Thanks for the video!

  8. I just wanted to tell you Kevy that you have earned my respect by saying that you didn't care for something in the past. There are other YouTube wet shavers that always say that they like everything. Please keep up the good work my fun YouTube celebrity.

  9. Hey Kevy,
    Just getting around to watching this shave and as always it was a very good shave and entertaining lol. Did you ever contact Sheldon at Global Shave Club about the Fat Boy replica?

  10. Hey kevy congrats on the 9k subs mind you Iโ€™m not surprised itโ€™s reached that number I always enjoy watching you videos BTW lovely razor and great soap

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