Business funding with bad credit | Live Call in Show

Business funding with bad credit | Live Call in Show As a Business Coach and Life Coach I get asked often how to get business funding with bad credit. Many entrepreneurs suffer from having bad credit. In this live call in show I answer live calls on how to to get business funding even if you have bad credit

This is a weekly live Call focused on Business Funding however its not all Business. We are a mix between unwine with tasha k, The Star Report, donovan sharpe & Tommy Sotomoayor, However we focuse on answering questions on Business Funding and Business credit similar to The Dave Ramsey Show , Chris Hogan, & Grant Cordone

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30 thoughts on “Business funding with bad credit | Live Call in Show”

  1. 19:00 Therees more. People didnt go to prison for simply stating how you can better your profile to get a loan. After all, the bank would just fire them. More with higher management was going on. Not some loan officer going to jail.

  2. Good show as always. But dean I had. Two questions for you. One I have llc and ein number, now which bank or credit union do you recommend chase or navy federal? Two. What the next step after I obtained my LLC ein and business acct?

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