Czech CM-3 Gas Mask Review and Test

Review and test of the Czechoslovakian CM-3 Gas Mask, this mask was most likely used as a civil defence mask but small numbers may have entered military service.
The mask is almost identical to the Polish MC-1 respirator, this is because the MC-1 was a copy of the CM-3, however, the CM-3 is the better of the two masks.
The CM-3 is made from a softer rubber, has a bakelite inhale valve and exhale valve housing as well as a better Tissot defogging system than the MC-1.
The mask came with a simple carry satchel, filter and some sort of medical kit. I would highly advise against using the filters that come with these masks due to the risk of Warsaw PACT filters containing asbestos.
These masks turn up very cheaply on eBay, mine cost around £10 including courier delivery.

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21 thoughts on “Czech CM-3 Gas Mask Review and Test”

  1. so i have the polish variant and i used it with the original filter but not for a very long time and not very many times
    will something bad happen to me because of this?

  2. Well fuck😂 first the GP-5 now this. I got an M65 and it came with this filter but mines is from 1975 nothing is leaking so I hope I'm safe. Yeah just dont ware gas mask intell you ko it's a 100 percent safe.

  3. Those czechoslovakian filters should be fine. Although, czechoslovakia was in Warszaw PACT, and Warszaw PACT was under Soviet union, Czechoslovakia stopped using asbestos in the filters in the early 60's, so these green MOF (Maly Ochranny Filter=Small Protective Filter) filter should be fine. Inside the canister is just paper particulate filter and activated charcoal, i got it confirmed from many many people. So, czechoslovakian filters made after 1960 should be safe. Yeah, i know that soviets were using asbestos in the filters until the fall of soviet union, but czechoslovakia stopped using it in 60's.

  4. I have one too(My only gas mask I have,i got it from near city civil defense shelter,they are using new and they dont need these) and I wanna ask if a CM 4 gas mask filter will work on CM 3

  5. I just got one of these as a gift and it's got the same kind of canister. The numbers on the side read 80-1-S4, so I'm assuming it was manufactured under Soviet Com Block rules as well. Can you recommend or provide a link to a good replacement? Glad I saw your vid before I used this damn thing.

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