Episode 11 stripping out the 2nd Land Rover Discovery 1

This episode shows the red Land Rover Discovery 1 having the bodywork inspected. It also shows the engine compression test and unfortunately the stripping out of the engine

Veterans Expedition Overland is a project run by the UK military charity called Veterans In Action that helps veterans who have suffered the effects of war or who have found the transition to civilian life difficult.

Follow the team as they build Land Rovers working alongside veterans who suffer due to their service, helping them grow within the team.

The vehicles are used to undertake overland expeditions, follow the team on their adventures and see veterans grow.

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Just as important we want to hear what you think of the work we do and if you know of a veteran who would like to get involved on either building vehicles or taking part on a future expedition.

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Made by Veterans is another project run by the charity where veterans print and embroider clothing



Made by Veterans own clothing brand

Jack Schitt Quality Apparel

4 thoughts on “Episode 11 stripping out the 2nd Land Rover Discovery 1”

  1. watching guys fix a land rover while im on a coffee break from welding a land rover! haha except its an l322, still rusts like a disco1!! (well, maybe not that bad). Believe it or not i have a disco1 with its original boot floor with no rust in it, bloody cat D though! Good luck 🙂

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