Episode 57 – Founder of Adriana's Insurance: Adriana Gallardo (part 1 of 6)


If you live in Los Angeles for sure you have seen the picture of a woman with a broad smile promoting her car insurance services. Her image is all over town on buses, huge billboards, entertainment venues, TV ads, and even radio.

Adriana Gallardo is the owner of Adriana’s Insurance. Her life story and the circumstances that took her to become one of the largest independently owned car insurance providers in the Los Angeles Area is going to surprise you. Let’s talk to Adriana and find out Cómo Lo Hizo.

If you want to know more about Adriana´s Insurance go to www.adrianasinsurance.com

Executive Producer and Host: Fernando Schiantarelli
Como lo Hizo is a co-production of iHeart Radio – Premiere Networks and Crece Grow Media.

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