Former Defense Attorney, TV Judge Lauren Lake Reacts Emotionally to George Floyd Case

Former criminal defense attorney Lauren Lake, now the judge on TV’s Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court says the death of George Floyd is “nothing but murder.”

In her visit with DBL, she reacts to the arrest and charges against former MInneapolis Derek Chauvin and explains how she’s has “been sick” in explaining the incident and ensuing protests to her 9-year-old son.


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32 thoughts on “Former Defense Attorney, TV Judge Lauren Lake Reacts Emotionally to George Floyd Case”

  1. As a judge and attorney, how come Judge Lauren Lake doesn't know that BLM doesn't have anything to do with BLACK Folks. BLM is a radical, opportunist group or racist fake. Judge need to not let her emotions get so out of control. There's more to what we thought we saw. Pray pray to God. Get rid of that negative energy and fear. Love love your son

  2. I have questioned myself many days even before this murder. I have sons and grandkids and the anxiety and fear I have. I questioned why I bought my sons in this world of hate and I love them I can’t think of my life without them. I have to hear their voices throughout the day everyday. I am sick of this it has to end

  3. I’M not done either simply because I Love ❤️ all children around the world 🌎 and love to see a better day for each of them . BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOURS. I’ Am A Living Witness to the mistreatment and lies & Being Humiliated by the lies. Thank You Love ❤️ for speaking the truth the truth will set us free . GOD, IS ON OUR SIDE HALLELUJAH, I’m wiping my mothers tears and God, told me when one or two is joined He is in the midst of it and nothing will return void .

  4. HALLELUJAH BEAUTIFUL MIGHTY WOMAN OF GOD. Thank you Lord. I agree with you . GOD, is in Control. We are going to correct teach our children keep them safe and pray for them. Tell them they are Blessed and this to shall pass because we serve A MIGHTY GOD. Praying and fighting with you for us to come together and eat together. AMEN

  5. Wake up Black Tigers, your cubs are in danger. We need to get rid of the wicked men’s world. I am a black Tiger, I am awake to protect my black cubs. No stopping unless my kids are respected in this world.

  6. Wow I was blown away by Lauren Lakes and everything she said I get where she is coming from its heartbreaking that there is this nonstop killing of black people at the hands of police

  7. I can't even bear to look at the video my heart cried its our children how can someone does something like that Neal in a person neck until you feel the life slipped out of that person body and u think it's okay and it was going to just end like that u would not do that to a animal if u are a human being much less a person neaver do nothing to u and u go home and sleep because black people are no body how can that be the police get away with killing black people so much that they think it's ok because we don't count has human being when will it stop i am a mad black mother i can't stop crying God when will it ends we can't take this no more for too long black lives matter

  8. I love this judge thank u Lauren for standing up for what is right MY black son has been arrested so many times every time he go thrue my door i started to worry one cop gave him thirteen tickets for making a rong turn in a complex fourteen thousands dollars before he can get back a driver license where his he going to get that money he does not sell drug license suspended how can we go on like this he sits in his car not driving cop pulled him out beat him take him to jail for nothing sitting right next to his house how can that be something have to be done this is crazy the bus stop here we are tired Bronx newyork

  9. That is murder in the
    1st degree it took a while before the murder began they took position pretending to put him
    In back seat then the
    Predatory behavior began knee choking him eventually asphyxiation ensues
    Inspite of pleas for help complaining of not breathing several times body parts hurting and they choked his neck chest,torso,and limbs .
    He lay lifeless they
    Continually knee choked him to death that's murder in the first degree

  10. "Let the Church Say Amen Lauren!"… Sam, we saw how you cut Al Jackson off when he, a "Black Man", was trying to speak on "Black Issues" for this is the "spirit of privilege" that Lauren was speaking about-it comes so naturally that if one has not the "Spirit of Discernment" it would be dismissed! God of Heaven Created ONE (1) Race-HUMAN! We often deal with the "Whats" of this life…but rarely expose the "Whys"; for in this the TRUTH Would Manifest Proving Everything the devil has secretly promoted to be a LIE!!! "We're NOT Ignorant of Satan's devices!!!!!-God Is Love

  11. My grandbabies asked me Granny I am white too…why would they hurt me? I said my love its your pigment of skin I dont have that..and with all of my strength I would never let harm come to you…BREAKS my heart to have to explain to babies about hateful people and injustice in this country..and on a lighter note she said just go tanning grandma.,

  12. We as black mother's are so upset to see how these police man treat black man we are human just like them we have the same blood if u cut a white person the would bleed red blood we are one people but these people try to kill us out but god is not sleeping god will take care of these evil police man God eyes are open and he sees what is going on in this world I have my black son and I wouldn't want to see a police do this to him this. Is a evil act of this devil police man he is suck

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