Front office kept Michael Jordan, Bulls from winning more titles – Scottie Pippen | The Jump

Near the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan announcing his second retirement, Scottie Pippen talks to Rachel Nichols and Amin Elhassan of The Jump about the chances that MJ, himself, Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson and the Chicago Bulls would have won more NBA titles if not for decisions made by Jerry Reinsdorf and Jerry Krause.

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20 thoughts on “Front office kept Michael Jordan, Bulls from winning more titles – Scottie Pippen | The Jump”

  1. Crazy, but many parties r responsible. Blame reinsdorf for not getting involved when the situation b/t Phil and Krause got worst. Krause for being a crazy egomania, not letting pippen have mini trophy is nut, trying to undercut Phil with Floyd might be evil but backfired. Blame Krause for being cheap toward Phil and pippen!
    Yes Krause is a good gm, but did u win any thing after mj? Nope!
    Blame Phil for the beef b/t gm and players!

  2. How convenient: a dead man who can’t speak to defend himself that was bullied relentlessly by MJ and Pippen is blamed for everything, even though he was the architect of the success not only by bringing Pippen, Grant and Jackson but by being instrumental in establishing the triangle offense. Whoever can’t admit this is a pathetic MJ-worshipper and ultimately a part of this bullying behavior.

  3. This squad never went up against any true competition 🤣🤣 reggie Miller only star on his team. Or the knicks ewing 🤣🤣🤣 .. and they say lbj always had a cake walk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. What really happen the MJ and Scottie Dennis, and Ron Harper, Kerr, was changing the game on the fact that they can demand more money and the bulls couldn’t pay. Plus to add Phil no way the money wasn’t there.

  5. The Bulls Front office were pretty stupid to not go for 4 in a row with a shorten season. MJ Pippen Dennis were good at least for one more season. Pippen obviously showed it in 1999 and 2000. MJ showed his greatness during the Wizard years by not joining a contender.

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