Lawyer Explains SCOTUS Decision in Byron Allen v. Comcast 1866 Civil Rights Act Case

In this video I explain the Supreme Court’s decision in the Byron Allen v. Comcast $20 Billion Civil Rights lawsuit and the impact that the case will have on the 1866 Civil Rights Act.

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3 thoughts on “Lawyer Explains SCOTUS Decision in Byron Allen v. Comcast 1866 Civil Rights Act Case”

  1. I appreciate the video. I was doing research on my own in an attempt to understand what really happened and what was at stake. I heard some people saying that there were similar protections in another law which you referenced in the video, I believe you said Title 7 of the 1965 Civil Rights Act. Could you expound upon that?

    But, as for my own opinion, I thought the decision was terrible, but expected. I figured the justices were going to rule in Comcast favor because in setting the standard at but-for, it makes it easier for businesses to avoid discrimination lawsuits, but I did not expect it to be unanimous. I also have an issue with having to reach the but-for standard before discovery and that being the precedent going forward, as you said in the video.

    Again, thanks for the video.

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