MensXP | Phas Gaye, Yaar! Life Of A Lawyer

Know any honest lawyers? Here’s a rant where we talk about the profession as well as the pains that actual lawyers have to go through in India.

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47 thoughts on “MensXP | Phas Gaye, Yaar! Life Of A Lawyer”

  1. Great Content, Good actors but one of the most underrated YouTube channel in India, Ye log to sensible content banate hay phir bhi views kam milta hay baki aise bht channels he jo bas copy paste chapke trending me ajate hay

  2. really , lawyers matlab sirf tarikh par tarikh , kabhi amitabh bacchan ko bhi highlight karo in pink , tapsee ko in mulk , kabhi nana palkivala , jetmalani ko bhi hoghlight kare bollywood.

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