NEW UPDATE to the Warzone Bunker Easter Egg – the Easter Egg could be active NOW!
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Like every Call of Duty game, the new Warzone battle royale is full of Easter eggs and homages to classic moments in the franchise. The free game mode has been out for nearly 2 months now and with Update 1.20, a new mystery item has been added called the Red Access Card. On top of that, tons of new information has been found that NEW Easter Egg steps have been added to Warzone relating to us being able to open the Bunkers in Call of Duty Warzone!

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  1. Brutally obvious that they're tryn to do the same thing fortnite did over the span of multiple season. They're tryn to drip feed a "battle Royale story" through tiny little secrets and "easter eggs".

    The problem is all the people digging into the code and revealing ("leaking") what's coming up a significant amount of time before it does or is even mentioned officially. This is killing all the hype and at least of the mystery behind it.

    Had the fun and excitement behind these types of content updates is not knowing and exploring/experimenting to figure it.
    (Just like to add that even without data mining and leaks it was pretty obvious they had planned to do something with the bunkers, phones, etc… because otherwise there is/was no reason for us to be able to interact with them when they didn't really do anything. It was the first hint/clue

  2. He failed to mention hows there is no point in even trying to do the easter egg since trigger happy CHILDREN want to camp vault 11 AND COMPLETELY RUIN THE EASTER EGG…bet they have another 20gb update because all that work they did for an easter egg you cant even do

  3. There is a way to open them already or there used to be. I didn’t even know there was a code there until I got killed and watched someone go in that area

  4. In trio matches the cards (all three) I reckon open the ability to launch a nuke to kill the map of all participants..insta win kinda thing. The rarity of the drops along with other conditions make it a good ratio. Ability to intercept teams going for ‘nuke kill’ is also available.

  5. I got a red card something in the downtown bang and also found a phone and i head toward the prison bunker and try to find it but someone already opened it i found loot and another bunker inside

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