NO INCOME INVESTOR LOAN!!! Qualify based on the deal, not income!

This is one of the coolest loans I’ve seen for investors in quite some time. It’s ideal for folks who don’t show sufficient income on their taxes and therefore don’t qualify for a conventional loan, BUT they have the down payment (20%-30%) , and the rents on the property will meet or exceed the PITI payments.

So essentially, if your credit is decent, the property is a good deal and will cash flow enough to make the payments (principal+interest+tax+insurance), and you have 20%-30$ down payment in verifiable funds, this loan product might be for you. There is NO income verification. No tax returns, no pay stubs, no W-2s. for INVESTMENT PROPERTIES ONLY. No owner occupied properties.

Obliviously if you can qualify for a conventional investment loan then we’ll absolutely go that direction, but if you don’t show sufficient income, this is a great plan B to get the deal done!

We have vetted and signed up 3 “Alt A” Lenders in our pipeline competing for these loans so as always, competition is good for the borrowers.

If you’re in CO, WY, or CA and have questions about these or any of our mortgage products, reach out to my team and we’ll provide more information.

If you’re in another state, then find a wholesale Mortgage Broker and ask them if they have loans like this!

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