Progressive Insurance co video sent to me, sent to progressive by Carlos Torres and gangsters

6/6/18 car driven by Carlos Torres was blocking me in driveway unable to leave the residence of Christina Hutchcraft, mother of Antiono Gullotto who was attacking me. The car Carlos was driving had occupants that involved with my assault. The reverse lights glowed as if he was going to move the car backwards to cut me off and block me in. That car and the person stepping in front of my path with a bat caused me to drop my motorcycle as they continued to attack me. A female member of the group was the person who can be seen and heard in my Felony Gang Assault video making a call to 911 with a false accusation that I had crashed into their car and was assaulting them. Police arrived within minutes due to my name being the assailant. My video shows the truth about what happened and responding SPD officers refused to watch it. They arrested me instead after I informed them that I was assaulted and ticketed me and towed my motorcycle. They didn’t investigate the claims I made and the car had no marks, scratches, dents to back up their false claims. PO G. Lagoe III badge#1111 purposely wrote a false accident report stating that I was the “At-Fault” driver for malicious reasons to benefit them and or to my detriment so I would be denied a insurance claim by his motor vehicle Insurance company, Progressive. They supplied Progressive with this video clip, which is to poor quality to see much more then I was trying to get out by riding behind the car, and shows the occupants opening up the car doors and getting out to attack me. The Progressive insurance agent supplied me this video clip when I demanded that I have what was sent by Carlos and company. She also claimed to possess written statements from the people who attacked me claiming I hit their vehicle. My video of my Felony Gang Assault shows clear picture of the car I was accused of hitting having no marks, scratches, dents.

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