Robotic Lung Surgery – Connie's Story

Connie had not seen a primary care doctor for many years. After finally going to a doctor, she received a PET scan of her chest since she was an avid smoker for decades. When the results came back, a spot was found on her lung.

Upon further analysis, that spot was diagnosed as lung cancer, and given Connie’s health condition, she initially felt her outcome could worsen.

Fortunately for Connie, she met Dr. Sohit Khanna, a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon through UF Health Heart & Vascular Surgery at Halifax Health. After consulting with Dr. Khanna about the minimally invasive robotic lung surgery option – only performed at Halifax Health in our area – her fear had vanished.

She was up and at it in no time after the surgery – and most importantly, the cancer was completely removed. She is so thankful to Dr. Khanna and the surgical team for removing this life threatening cancer without the need for major surgery that could have worsened her quality of life. Now she can spend more time with her grandchildren.

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