#SSOLSMILEMASKS – How to make a mask with a clear window that allows you to see a smile! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Imagine living in a world where you canโ€™t hear anything or listen to someone speak. It must be frustrating. This Smile Mask design has a clear window that allow our lips to be seen when worn. Thus, allowing lip-readers to be able understand us better when we communicate. It will fog at times, but clears up during a pause.

This video was made so that more of such masks may be made for those who need them.

Link to pattern download:

Materials needed:
2 Fat Quarters (1 exterior, 1 lining)
wonder clips
heat-erasable pen
1 clear vinyl (7x11cm)
2 strips of elastics (30cm)
Hairpin/safety pin (to hook elastic through casing)

Please feel free to share the video.
Credit is appreciated.

Please share your creation on Instagram (if you have) and hashtag #ssolsmilemasks! I would love to see them!

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24 thoughts on “#SSOLSMILEMASKS – How to make a mask with a clear window that allows you to see a smile! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ”

  1. Rather than using elastic, I opted for soft, oval, 36 inch sport shoe laces – cut in half. I wrapped Scotch tape tightly on the cut end and left the shoe lace part โ€˜as isโ€™. There was just enough give in the shoe lace – plus the adjustable ear loops donโ€™t require a lot of elasticity. I found the best shoe laces at Dollar General. Very comfortable!

  2. Thank you again for the easy to follow tutorial. Would you also be able to share the dimensions of the pattern (maybe have it written on the pattern template?)? We are printing on Letter size paper and the 1" scale checker is cropped off when printed…. and my printer doesn't have the function to shift the print content to fit the printable area. TIA!

  3. With the small kids going back to school, I honestly think this is useful for teachers too! Just want to check, has anyone have experience wearing this for extended hours? Would the plastic fog up with the respiration? And since there's an impermeable plastic on the mask, does it make it harder to breath? Also, could you share what needle size would be suitable to sew the plastic? I suppose this will have to be hand-washed too, right?

  4. Can someone help me with dimensions for this mask? I'm unable to find the pattern link referred at the start of the video….probably user error. LOL. I love this mask!

  5. I have gotten the pattern to download and have printed it off but the 1" measurement guide is not completely on the 8.5×11" paper. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Could you give me the length and width of the mask pattern or tell me how I can print it off appropriately? (I've downloaded it to Google Chrome and printed it off from there.)

  6. Nice mask design. Would you consider also making a pattern and tutorial for a face mask that uses clear vinyl to cover the eyes? I would think it would be a modified version of the Smile Mask except the mouth area has no vinyl except for the eyes.

  7. One thing I just found out from an interpreter advocate, it should be a solid color. Dark colors for white and light skinned people. Colors such as black, dark purple, hunter green, etc. For African American skin, light colors such as a pale yellow, pale pink and light blue. At least that is what they have taught interpreters all these years. I know some want patterns but it would be too much because at best, only 30% of words can be read on the lips. It's fatiguing on the eyes.

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