The US-Canada Border Splits This Road Down The Middle

Rue Canusa (or Canusa Avenue) is a street that’s split in two by a border: the northern part is in Stanstead, Canada, and the southern part is in Derby Line, USA — and border crossings here aren’t as easy as they used to be.

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28 thoughts on “The US-Canada Border Splits This Road Down The Middle”

  1. I cannot thank Mayor Dutil enough — he spent two hours giving me a tour of Stanstead and the border, and this video wouldn't look half as good without all his help. He also talked to border control when they arrived and asked why I was filming…!

  2. There is another place in Quebec (Pohénégamook) Where there are houses with their backyard, being literally in the US.

    So the US is their backyard.

  3. That’s how easy the world will become connected with little restrictions when the wealth gap closes up. It’s all about resources and management

  4. Imagine crossing to border just to go to your neighbors house, after realizing that u will be quarantined for weeks cause of travel restrictions 😂

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