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Wireless charging removes any confusion from the process of charging an electric vehicle. WiTricity is the name of a company that pretty much wants to wirelessly charge anything that can be and David Schatz, VP of Business Development and Sales tells us about the benefits of WiTricity’s wireless charging system for cars.


26 thoughts on “Wireless Charging Could Boost EV Adoption – Autoline Exclusives”

  1. In-highway inductive charging has always interests me. I understand the costs involved would be astronomical, but most massive infrastructure advancements are. The modern interstate network wasn't paid for by the auto industry.

    Highway inductive charging would ultimately reduce average battery sizes, reducing vehicle costs, and offer the trucking industry a viable alternative. Adding a system to a single lane would be sufficient, it's not a tether, passing remains available with lane changes. Think of inductive highway lanes as range extenders to the BEV.

  2. Great story, but you forgot to ask a key question? If it's so great? Why is it not being used on large scale, now? Is it a factor of cost and/or other issues?
    FWIW, while we are dreaming about the future. How about wireless charging at stop lights and signs one day, too?

    BTW, love the wannabe uboob expert comments, trying to troll somethings they do not understand xD

  3. This may be a nice add-on, but I can't see it doing anything to promote the adoption of EVs. As it is, I spend about 8 seconds every three days plugging in my car.

  4. So much pie in the sky news we will see how everything's pan out, wireless charging while driving takes the cake tho!
    Squirrels in 🍁 will like the warm Condo under the Wireless charging cars

  5. “Removes confusion about the process of charging an EV?” What the F is confusing about inserting a plug into an EV charge inlet? No different than a phone or tablet. Wireless charging is just another option, no big deal. However, I do like the idea of autonomous parking combined with wireless charging.

  6. It feels like they don't have any significant IP, trying to sell a product (which is more of an idea, actually) to companies that have resources to develop it by themselves in no time at all.
    I'd be surprised if they exist in a few years.

  7. If you want the EV, you pay for the infrastructure to charge the car. The rest of us should not be on the line for expensive BS like this. Dumb ideas by do gooders.

  8. An electrical motor has been known to be extremely more efficient than the combustion engine for decades. So what! The problem is not the electrical motor, it's the power source that is the huge problem, aka batteries. This known fact means that market forces will not be choosing EV over gas engine cars anytime soon. Why is it so hard for "smart" people to understand this simple fact.

  9. Wireless charging won’t be the reason for anybody buying an EV. That’s ridiculous. Sure. Rich people will pay for it for the extremely minor convenience, but it’s not a game changer at all.

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