Understanding Child Support in the State of Florida

As a father, you of course want your child to always have everything that he or she may need. In most divorce settlements, in order to keep the child in the lifestyle to which they’ve grown accustomed, the father is often required to pay child support. This responsibility frequently falls to the men because they are more often the primary wage earners in the marriage.

At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we work to protect the fathers of Florida and ensure that their rights as a father are not being abused or mistreated.

One thought on “Understanding Child Support in the State of Florida”

  1. I've been deprived and oppressed for the last 17 years due to the lack of due process and the fact they just dont care. Florida make me feel like life isnt even worth it due to no way to live without fear of incarceration. Florida is corrupt 100% I cant be involed in any CONTRACT or agreement with no consent I was forced

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