🔥Noble Credit – "FREE CARDS" (Official Music Video)🔥

★ FREE CARDS! Free Smoke Remix by Drake Official Music Video by Noble Credit
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I unbox, review, rap, and sing about credit cards. Referral links are live!
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Drake inspired me to write this song to his Free Smoke beat. I added a different twist to it by incorporating credit cards into rapping.
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“If they stopped waiving our annual fees I’ll be the one to take the fall (yeah), shutdown all my Chase cards (yeah) [chase shutdown, amex shutdown], never that we got the sauce (yeah)”
“va loan caught the charge (yeah)”
“I’m using all my status matches this year, I hope that vegas has a Hilton”
Chase Sapphire Reserve
Free Cards by
Noble Credit
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  1. Yoo this is really good! I love the delivery of this. You're seriously hella underrated! Your talent really shines here. I know a lot of people say this, but I'm really one of THE coldest producers out there rn. Think I'm lying? Check out my insta, I really think we should work! DM me if you're interested. @fortunemadeit

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