Comprehensive VS Youngstar Policy Comparison | Star Health Insurance

Comparison about two of the most popular policies of Star Health & Allied Insurance.


28 thoughts on “Comprehensive VS Youngstar Policy Comparison | Star Health Insurance”

  1. Sir my age is 31 and my wife is 26. And i ll have my baby after 2 months. So i dont want maternity benefits. If i choose 10lkh sum insured then which plan will suit for my family (me, my wife, my future child) from health optima, comprehensive and youngster policy ( my main requirement is on Restoration benefits).

  2. Sir ji may diabetic hu meri age 43 years h air may compansive plan buy karta hu p.e.d choose one years to priyimum kitna ayega plz check and bata dijiye mere KO karwani h ya koi contact number provide me consultant

  3. PED buy back whether 20% or 50% in comprehensive policy??
    Please specify..
    Accidental death cover, permanent disability cove and partial disability cover in comprehensive. Please explain in full..
    Upto what age the premium Will be continued in both policies please specify..
    Whether the medical is compulsorily required if buy back is opted in comprehensive policy? Please specify..

  4. Very nice and well explained video All the best for more such videos in future too!! Have you made any video on When people says no i am fine and no need to take health policy. Also WHEN PEOPLE SAY SUPPOSE I PAY PREMIMUM FOR 5 YEARS OR 10 YEARS AND DO NOT CLAIM THEN WHAT WOULD BE BEST REPLY IN THIS CASE YOU SUGGEST. pLEASE MAKE ONE VIDEO IF YOU THINK MY QUERY IS OK REGARDS

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