Our Full Story: From RhettandLinKreations To Mythical Entertainment

Packed with some never-before-heard details, listen to R&L discuss the entire story of how Mythical Entertainment came to be as it is today and the valuable lessons learned along the way in this episode of Ear Biscuits.

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EB #239, Original Release Date: 05/04/2020
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50 thoughts on “Our Full Story: From RhettandLinKreations To Mythical Entertainment”

  1. I would really love to hear the story of "how we met…" various Mythical Employees. Things like the story behind finding them, first impressions, etc. Specifically I'm interested in both Stevie and Josh, but I'm confident that you have good stories for other Mythical Crew members as well #earbiscuits

  2. #EarBiscuits Feels good to know im kinda securing some people's jobs with my subscription, my like, my comment and occasional support, even though i dont have a job of my own. Your work helps people around the globe, even if it's just giving a smile to a depressive lonely person.

  3. Please continue to share your business experiences with us. I found this incredibly interesting and insightful. A very non pompous, honest account of how you grew and found yourselves where you are. It gives people like me with small companies a great deal of insight as I develop my own business. Thanks guys!

  4. Nice shoutout to the merch team. The merch team does do a wonderful job. I like the throwback styles and the abstract artwork or line drawings. My favourite of the recent t-shirts was the Merle tee (I've been a big fan for most of my life.) and the Rhett and Link throwback pictures tee. Y'all did the recreation pictures of those pictures. It'd be cool to do the same shirt, but with those pictures. The other one sold out and that one would too. The upcoming clown shark is cute, but one with Link as the clown shark would be awesome. I like the 80s and 90s inspired designs/colours which is weird, because I look back at pictures and didn't love what I wore then. I suppose it's because of the modern twist. I've ordered merch 3-4 times since Christmas… I shouldn't be saying what I'd buy more of…. I already have my eye on a couple of other shirts. I went to order from the Amazon shop and it wouldn't let me because I am Canadian. I may need a merch intervention. I even ordered out of stock merch from someone online who never wore it. Help?

  5. I finished GMM and GMMore today. All caught up. My intention was to switch over to Ear Biscuits as I've seen/heard something like a fifth of season one and everything from Lost Years on. This was a reminder that The Mythical Show is one of the shows I still need to watch. I had planned on stopping to watch it when I hit there in the GMM timeline, but my OCD sees me wanting to finish what I'm in the middle of first. So now I need to go back to it.

  6. You should still do the books yourself. And if you don't you should audit them yourselves no less than quarterly. Money changes everything, including the people who work for you (even if it's a firm you've hired).

  7. I don’t know about any of you other of you Mythical Beasts, but Rhett gives me serious ASMR. I adore his voice as he speaks into the mic when he’s really trying to make a point.

  8. Content specifically framed around team and business management would be so interesting to dive into and a great resource for teams. I got a lot of really valuable insight from this video. Going to share it with my leadership team as well.

  9. Omg it's so hard to do what you love (art) as a job when everyone wants your art just for free 😵 You should check my Cotton Candy Randy artwork at my instagram: unikirahvi 😊

    Thank you guys! You really make my days better 💚

  10. This is cheesy but, after my husband died I was failing at everything, including just getting out of bed. I was a mess, laying around watching YouTube videos, and saw GMM and watched one. It was the first time I laughed in months! I binged watched a dozen episodes and then got up. I showered! I ate! I went outside a little lighter than I had been. Those episodes translated into many more. They were amazing and I am so grateful for how they made life a little better.

  11. I love that y’all have found passionate people to keep the dream rolling. And you take care of your own. Btw. Thanks for loving mythical everything and adopting smosh. Y’all are awesome

  12. Please. I understand you generally don't have time to create/perform a song. You do now. Document and create a new song about the circumstances. We miss the music. My kids are hooked on your music and skits like 'The Puzzle'. Their interest end at those gimmicks. Give us a corona bonus!

  13. This has been one of the most impactful ear biscuits that I've listened to yet. I work for a culture forward company and am overjoyed my experiences here. Looking at GMM as a consumer I always wondered what the leadership model looks like and how you are able to accomplish the things you can. It is so cool to hear your story and discover how your culture was established within your company. I would love more content like this!

  14. 48:0548:11 "the kids have their days where they're supposed to clean their room or unload the dishwasher, and they don't always do that." Link's _face_! Meanwhile, on 10:14 GMM #1739 "You're Washing Dishes Wrong" (Hello from 5/14/2020!)
    Also, EB #164 (10/8/2018) "How Do We Deal With YouTube Burnout?" complements this Biscuit (#239 5/4/2020).

  15. One of the things I think about quite often with running a business is attracting and retaining talent. How did y'all find your key players, and how have you kept them/how do you plan on keeping them?

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